Driveway Sealcoating Steps

JLP Sealcoat thoroughly prepares your driveway asphalt surface before applying the sealer. First, we edge the grass line around the perimeter of the driveway or lot, and we use wire brooms, power brooms, and commercial blowers to completely clean the surface.

Edging the Grassline Edging the Grassline Driveway Completely Edged Out
In creating great curb appeal for your driveway, JLP Sealcoat takes great pride in edging your yard.
Cleaning a Driveway in Hampton New Hampshire Cleaning is essential for sealer adhesion Cleaning Process
After edging your grass, we always take care in making sure your driveway surface is clean for proper sealer adhesion.

We also prime any and all oil spots during this time. All crack and pothole repairs are made before the sealer is applied. After all preparations are made and the driveway or parking lot is completely cleaned, it is then ready for the sealcoat application. JLP Sealcoat is EXTREMELY careful not to get any sealer on anything but the asphalt to be sealed. We use brushes to apply the sealer by hand around garages and buildings, foundations, granite curbs, retaining walls, etc. We also take the extra care to make a perfectlly straight line out by the street to enhance the properties curb appeal.

Sealcoating Your Driveway, and Only Your Driveway

Cut in Brushes used around garages Tight areast are done by hand to avoid overspray Straight Lines of sealcoat done by hand at street to enhance curb appeal
When working close to your home, garage or curb JLP Sealcoat takes care not to get sealer anywhere but the pavement
Spray Application of Sealer on  driveway in Hampton, NH   Complete and Drying Job in Hampton NH
Left: Spray Application of Sealer on Driveway in Hampton, NH. Right: Driveway drying after final Sealcoat Application

JLP Sealcoat uses Tarconite. Tarconite is a concentrated refined coal tar emulsion specifically formulated as a weather protective, gas and oil resistant coating over bituminous pavements of airports, parking lots and driveways. It meets all FAA requirements. It protects your asphalt investment for pennies per square foot, preventing costly repairs. Tarconite also provides up to 50 % greater wear than non fortified sealers, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

Great Reasons to Sealcoat Your Driveway Now:

BEAUTIFY– restore that black as night look
Restore that “black-as-night” original look.
PREVENT OXIDATION– block out the damaging effects of the sun
Block out the damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays.
SPILL DAMAGE– keep gas and oil spill from penetrating the surface
Keep gasoline, oil, jet fuel leaks and spills from penetrating the surface.
WEATHERPROOF– protect against the number one destroying force- water.
Protect against the number one pavement-destroying force – water.
MAINTENANCE– shield pavement against the elements that cause cracks and potholes
Shield pavement against the elements that cause cracks and potholes.
PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT– Make your property safer, cleaner, more attractive and longer lasting.

Sealcoating driveway in Seacoast, NH - Making a straight line to enhance curb appeal. Protecting your Driveway with Sealcoat on the Seacoast of New Hampshire - JLP Sealcoat
We always make a straight line where the
driveway meets the street to enhance curb appeal.
Application of the sealer is done very carefully
by hand to ensure there is no mess on foundations,
garage doors, walkways, retaining walls, etc.
We take pride in our work, and you can be rest assured
that when you are hiring a professional company
like JLP, you will get a professional job.

Why Asphalt Pavement Deteriorates, How Tarconite Sealer Protects

JLP Sealcoat can protect your driveway from sunlight, moisture and everyday spills find us on the Seacoast of NH